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What is OSMOSiS?

The OSMOSiS Rapid Application Development Suite is an easy to use, comprehensive and powerful set of tools with a number of unique benefits which cut the time and effort required to develop dynamic applications. The OSMOSiS product suite includes:

Reports are produced utilizing standard desktop tools such as Microsoft Excel, Word -- or by simply saving the data as CSV files to import into any other Windows application the user wishes.

A comprehensive suite of System Administrator Tools that provide the user with an easy method of managing environment settings, printers and users of the OSMOSiS system. These tools include a user account setup wizard for a quick and simple route to creating a user account. 

An advanced set of Rapid Application Development tools based on MultiValued principles. The development environment allows the creation of database definitions, screen designs, reports, documents, menu structures, security and much more. All RAD tools are available in Character and Windows graphical modes. 

Applications created with OSMOSiS-Developer are available in both character-based and Windows client/server modes or a combination of both. 

OSMOSiS-SB Converter
Using OSMOSiS-SB Converter we have a migration path from other 4GL products. Existing applications, created with proprietary 4GL systems such as System Builder, SB+ or Magician, can be imported and converted into OSMOSiS formats and conventions, in a simple process, with minimal post-conversion work. 

OSMOSiS-SB Converter is a full and comprehensive conversion suite taking ALL of the original 4GL parameters and creating both character and Windows-based OSMOSiS applications. 


Fax, Email & SMS server suite 


Terminal emulation software & Command Prompt








System Administrator Tools
Environment Manager
 User Manager
  Printer Manager
 Site Configuration
Security Controls
Distribution Wizard

Run-Time Application
Character Based System
 Graphical Client/Server System
 Automated Report Wizard
 Automated Form Wizard
 Windows application integration

Development Tools
 Available in Character and GUI modes
Tables/File Utilities
  Screen Wizards
 Form Wizards
  Report Wizards
File Update Utilities
  Transaction Processing
 Menu Structure Tools
 Computer Generated Numbers
  Fax Server Tools
  Automatic HTML Generated Help
 Program Editor
 Data File Editor
 Paragraph/Process Editors
SB+ Compatibility 

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