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Product Details

OSMOSiS Rapid Application Development Suite: Easy to use, comprehensive and powerful set of tools.  Cutting the time and effort required to develop whole applications.


D3 - Raining Data
Universe - IBM (In-progress)

System Administrator Tools

Environment Manager - jBASE
Account Manager - D3
User Manager
Printer Manager
Site Configuration
Security Controls
Distribution Wizard

Run-Time Application

Character Based System
Graphical Client/Server System
Automated Report Wizard
Automated Form Wizard
Windows application integration

Development Tools
    available in Character and GUI modes:

Tables/File Utilities
Screen Wizards
Form Wizards
Report Wizards
File Update Utilities
Transaction Processing
Menu Structure Tools
Computer Generated Numbers
Fax Server Tools
Automatic HTML Generated Help
Program Editor
Data File Editor
Paragraph/Process Editors
SB+ Compatibility




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