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OSMOSiS is a set of Rapid Application Development tools based on MultiValued principles. The development environment, OSMOSiS, allows the creation of database definitions, screen designs, reports, documents, menu structures, security and much more. All RAD tools are available in Character and Windows graphical modes.

Why move to OSMOSiS from another RAD Tool?

The OSMOSiS approach allows developers, who have invested their training in an existing 4GL, to retain much of that investment. An existing application is moved completely to OSMOSiS, with little redevelopment required. Retraining of staff is limited to the use of new OSMOSiS functionality not available in the user’s current environment. 

The developer does not lose anything, but gains the flexibility of Visual Basic forms.  In addition to the GUI tools there is a complete set of character-based tools enabling both GUI and character applications on one system.  Character-based routines can also be used in the GUI environment.  With OSMOSiS and a MultiValue environment, the longevity of an existing product is enhanced, and new avenues of business open up.

It is possible to take an existing product into the mainstream of Windows applications, whilst retaining all its character-based options and functions!

Run-Time Application
True Client/Server
Character & Microsoft Windows Based GUI 

  System Administrator Tools
Environment Manager
User Account Setup
Printer & User Manager 

System Development Tools
Character & Microsoft Windows Based GUI

OSMOSiS-SB Converter
System Builder & SB+ Converters
Converts Screens, Forms, Reports & Menus
Converts ALL Processes & Paragraphs
Converts Correlatives, Defaults & Validations
Converts Basic Program Code  

  Fax, Email & SMS server suite 

Terminal emulation software & Command Prompt


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